Your Gateway to Success

The unique Ripple Effect Development Limited method uses strategies for learning and self-growth as the foundation for all courses and programmes. This approach creates a unique opportunity to prepare our participants for a new adventure or for the next step in their career.

All of our courses are inclusive of early morning options which include yoga & fitness in the park, evening options of meditation & mindfulness (both practice & training), colour consultations and professional head shot photo opportunities. 

Designed to provide increased confidence as well as an improved CV & social media presence based on your own values & aspirations.

The whole vibe of the program is to focus on you - to come and switch off from the outside distractions and focus on making you successful in the world we all operate in. You can’t change the world outside but you can change how you interface with it. You will listen to how others have succeeded by overcoming the same obstacles that we all face, then focus on what you already do well, how you can improve these and then how you can show these to the outside world - presenting your best image, brand, media presence to the outside world. 

This program is designed to focus on how you interact with the world around you.

As with all of our courses it still offers an opportunity to switch off from the outside world a little and focus on yourself but this course enhances those skills needed to increase your impact in interactions.

The course will help to improve presentation and negotiating skills both external to your business and personally for your own position and rewards. It will also offer approaches to difficult conversations & negotiations that feel comfortable and so increase your confidence when facing those activities. 


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