I am Debbie Francis I created Ripple Effect Development to provide courses and related services & products to support women as they try to make the best of everything they want to do and everything they want to be. I want to help women overcome the fears that are holding them back.

I believe that women often undersell themselves and their capabilities. This is a part of what makes the female approach unique and enhances diversity in thinking but it can also hold us back.

I want to help women identify their potential and sell it effectively while ensuring that it does not leave us feeling uncomfortable or inauthentic. I have also discovered, through my own careers, how certain business skills and the way that they may be taught do not always feel comfortable in practice for us. As such, I want to provide some practical training in those skills that we could do differently. We need to learn to do them in a way that suits our nature and often the generic approach taught will potentially be too adversarial or aggressive for us to feel comfortable with. That is not to say we cannot do it but maybe there is a better way that feels more aligned to our natural temperament and characteristics. 

I want to do all of this while at the same time having some fun, feeling fabulous, trying new things and hopefully laughing a lot.

Aside from the services on offer, I have a very clear idea of what I am looking for from this venture. There are some things that have become increasingly important to us as we have advanced in our careers and formed our beliefs about what makes a great place to work and ensures that work is as important and integral to our life balance as everything else. 

I want to create a company for the future. A social and environmentally responsible business. A company owned by everyone working in it, with an equal say in its direction and a real opportunity for everyone to develop their full potential, try out new and exciting ideas and work in a genuinely flexible and fun environment. 

Finally, I want to pay it forward. My intent is to operate this business using  women owned and/or operated businesses as far as practical for all goods and services that we need. 

I will also be donating 10% of the profits each year in addition to my time towards operating courses for women who need support to get into or back into the workplace. Whilst the course content will be slightly different to the standard programs, these courses will still take place in a beautiful environment offering a safe space and will include all the health and well-being activity that is included within the regular programs.


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